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Kansas Wesleyan University

Grow intellectually 和 spiritually

For more than 130 years, Kansas Wesleyan University has provided educational opportunities to young adults in the Great Plains Conference 和 beyond. We offer a wide variety of experiences to deepen your faith, enrich your talents 和 stimulate your intellect.

我们的校园 部 is committed to awakening, equipping 和 sending students for Christ through student-driven 社区, discipleship 和 local to global service. Students enjoy weekly chapel service, 小群体, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, service experiences, 咨询, 祈祷 support 和 many other opportunities for spiritual growth.

Coyote Campus 部 seeks to help you in your spiritual journey. A healthy spiritual life 和 journey is an important part of a successful college experience. Helping students to integrate faith 和 life while growing spiritually is as vital as stimulating creativity 和 discover, to nurture the whole person – body, 心, 和 spirit as you encounter the challenges of college life.


Getting direction for your spiritual life

Campus 部 Team

我们的校园 部 has a great team approach to speaking into the lives of students, 教师, staff 和 coaches. The Campus 部 team serves the whole campus, 和 is available for personal 咨询, religious 和 vocational 咨询 和 spiritual guidance.

Christian Challenge Advocate & 团队的牧师

Life Group Leader 和 Breaking Bread Coordinator

Aaron Glendening
FCA Area Coordinator, 团队的牧师

Br和on Cheeks
Student Support Advisor, 团队的牧师


Scott Jagodzinske
Campus Minister, 团队的牧师

Dr. 艾伦史密斯
Advisor for Strategic Initiatives, 团队的牧师

牧师. 尼克·塔尔博特
UMC Pastor, Campus Pastor

牧师. 埃里克·迈耶

牧师. Chelsea Shrack

牧师. 谢克雷格
Fine Arts Chaplain

牧师. 忒弥斯利比

牧师. 吉迪恩Achi

Madeleine Johnson
Campus 部 Intern

Campus 部 Intern

Campus 部 Intern


Shanya Murape
Campus 部 Intern


Campus 部 Intern

Campus 部 Intern


There are numerous opportunities for members of the UMC to receive scholarships 和 loan assistance to attend Kansas Wesleyan University. In some cases, a 50% scholarship is available in addition to money from the Dollars for Scholars program. Combined with a robust financial aid package, these offerings enhance KWU’s status as a great faith-based learning option!

For more information on scholarships or financial assistance, please check out The General Board of Higher Education & 部 和 The United Methodist Higher Education Foundation.

Internships 和 Service-Learning Opportunities

Internship 和 service-learning opportunities are available through the Campus 部 office. We prioritize helping students in fulfilling Kansas Wesleyan University’s mission to serve the church, 社区, 和 the world by providing a variety of resources for educational, 文化, 和 spiritual enrichment. 

  • There is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes scholarship available to students selected to intern with KWU’s FCA program. For more information, please contact KWU’s FCA Coordinator, Aaron Glendening.
  • Campus 部 Interns : Every year we select students to intern with Campus 部 in several Areas (Social Media, 敬拜, 起来!, Spiritual Life/Small Groups, Campus Serve/Missions). Interns will support 和 promote opportunities to explore the richness of a faith journey. Interns are ambassadors who welcome, 荣誉, 和 celebrate people of all faith traditions, spiritualities, 和 identities. They are committed to building 社区 和 creating inclusive spaces for 祈祷, meaning-making, 和 spiritual development. Applications are available in the Spring (incoming Freshmen are invited to apply), contact Scott Jagodzinske 了解更多 和 apply. 
  • Local United Methodist Churches offer internships in a variety of areas throughout the year: Youth 部, Children’s 部, Music 部, Congregational Care, Office helpers, 照顾孩子, Senior Care 部 和 more. To apply, contact 牧师. 尼克·塔尔博特, or Scott Jagodzinske.

  • Other local 部 Internships are posted at the Campus 部 Office periodically. 

Ecumenical Religious Life Opportunities

Kansas Wesleyan University intends to provide an active, diversified religious life program designed to meet the total range of spiritual development needs. Organizations that help us to create an ecumenical ministry setting includes the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Christian Challenge 和 partnerships with local churches. These organizations work with 和 alongside the KWU Campus 部 to aid/increase opportunities for fellowship, 社区 service 和 celebration. Spiritual resource persons are also available to students, 教师, staff 和 coaches.

Need help in finding a Church while at Kansas Wesleyan University?

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Weekly Connections

Monday Night Alive

Monday Nights,  8-8:30pm @ University UMC (across from Memorial Library)  

Monday Night Alive (MNA), our campus-wide Weekly Chapel service, takes place every Monday. This weekly Chapel is a relevant time to pause, 和 join to together as a 社区 to celebrate & 敬拜. MNA is a Christian 敬拜 service that seeks to incorporate a variety of styles 和 music, led by House b和, 起来!

You are welcome to join 和 enjoy a 社区 of spiritual seekers looking for a deeper connection with God. Are you interested in being part of the Monday Night Alive team? We welcome you to share your gifts 和 passions.

了解更多 or join our Chapel Planning Team 和/or play with 起来! (教堂乐队).

Life Groups/Small Groups

Our goal in these groups is to glorify God through learning truth, praying for each other, deepening friendships 和 reaching out to others. These groups cater to real-life issues that young people face in their post-high school years.

Women’s Life Group

Mondays, 8:45pm – UUMC Little Sanctuary

Leader: 安妮吉多 – [email protected]

Training Time Life Group

Mixed-Gender – Mondays, 9pm – UUMC Campus 部 Office

Leader: Scott Jagodzinske – [email protected]

Community Life Group

混合性别 & Ages – Wednesdays, 5:45pm – UUMC Little Sanctuary

Leader: 尼克·塔尔博特 – [email protected]

Christian Challenge

混合性别s w/ K-State Salina

Thursdays, 7pm – LifePoint Church

Leader 特里·鲍德温 – [email protected]

Basement Bible Study

混合性别s – Tuesdays 7:00pm – 联系 Leaders for location

Leaders: Jada Renner & Harley Harris – [email protected]


Blessings on the Go

Prayer can be an important part of the faith journey at KWU. To have someone pray with you, visit the Blessings on the Go kiosk in the Student Activities Center throughout the week, or just stop by. You can also send 祈祷 requests to Campus Minister Scott Jagodzinske 和 have it added to a 祈祷 chain list.

KWU Fellowship of Christian Athletes

KWU Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. 在缪尔体育馆. It is not just for athletes 和 coaches but anyone who wants to attend. KWU’s FCA will be asking for a student-athlete representative from each KWU athletic team. The team representatives will help with the KWU FCA program, 祈祷 for teammates, 和 act as a liaison between KWU FCA 和 their team. KWU FCA will consist of games, 祈祷, 讨论, 和 sermons that are geared towards being a student-athlete 和 a Christian.

The FCA Mission
To lead every coach 和 athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ 和 His church.

To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches 和 athletes.

Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ 和 His Word through 完整性, 服务, 团队合作 和 卓越.

We will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness, privately, 和 publicly. (箴言1:3)

We will model Jesus’ example of serving. (约翰13:1-17)

We will express our unity in Christ in all our relationships. (Philippians 2:1-4)

We will 荣誉 和 glorify God in all we do. (Colossians 3:23-24)

For more information contact Aaron Glendening.


 Join a SERVE Team – SERVE Teams are groups that volunteer at a variety of non-profit organizations across Salina. 联系 [email protected] 了解更多. 

When is CampusServe?

One big project each semester.